Thursday, October 4, 2012

I've Decided to Watch Movies Online for Free (Legally)

As you can tell, my blog is really about my true passion of science and engineering. However, this post, I decided to talk about something different. I wanted to talk about something I know everyone is interested in: movies. Particularly, how to watch movies online for free without legal implications.

Sure some people don't watch TV at all, but if they did, they would also love movies. Everyone loves movies. 

I'd have to say my favorite movie of all time is still Braveheart. But I know you're not here to hear about my personal crap. You are probably wondering how I can watch my favorite movies and any TV shows online for free? I thought so.

Watch Movies Online for Free Legally?

Well, there is this awesome software that I have discovered. Let me explain...

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It's pretty neat stuff if you ask me, and I've got a lot of experience with it. I now make my living online, and so I use my computer for everything. 
I am able to stream movies, shows, sports, news, music, and anything else without ever paying any monthly fees. I also never have to worry about the FBI knocking down my door because this is 100% legal. 
I now have more channels than ever before. I've got 3,500 HD channels to be exact (a bit more now perhaps because of the automatic channel updates).
I was so impressed with this software that I decided to do a press release about it. Want to read my Satellite Direct press release?
I also have made another blog about it if you guys want to chit chat about your personal experience with Satellite Direct or if you have any questions for me.
Access my blog here and tell me what you think about it. I am personally extremely happy to say that I am now saving hundreds of dollars per month that I don't have to spend on my old cable bill, and I am getting way more content than ever before.
You can see I've hooked my PC up to my TV so I don't have to watch movies online on my little computer screen.

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